Workplace Insurance?

Workplace insurance is a type of insurance aimed at protecting employees, employers and the workplace at workplaces.

İşyeri Sigortası Nedir?

Workplace insurance is a type of insurance aimed at protecting employees, employers at the workplace and the workplace itself. In accordance with the coverage it offers, the insured have the best service capacity, work more efficiently in their field of work, and security becomes literally accessible. Our work areas are faced with different risk situations. Even if precautions are taken, there is always a risk. In these cases, the material damage may be more than we expect. Workplace insurance guarantees against any risk that may occur in the area of work in accordance with the policy coverage. At the same time, it will help you in case of many risks that may occur in the workplaces as a result of fire and natural disasters.

Is Workplace Insurance Mandatory?

Workplace insurance, which is a type of insurance taken out to protect work areas and ensure the safety, is not mandatory.

What is the Workplace Insurance Coverage?

The coverage of workplace insurance varies from company to company, but in general, we can list the following;

  • Internal flooding,

  • Earthquake,

  • Any plane crash,

  • Theft,

  • Fire,

  • Thunderbolt,

  • Hail,

  • Terrorist incidents,

  • Soil creep.

Such and similar situations are subject to the coverage.

What are the Supplementary Coverages?

Supplementary coverage options that can be appropriately added to the policy in accordance with the needs of the insured person must be as follows;

  • Personal accident coverage,

  • Natural disaster coverage,

  • Fire financial liability coverage,

  • Glass breakage coverage,

  • Land vehicles,

  • Inflation protection.

Additional warranties are available.

Documents Required for Workplace Insurance

In order to have a workplace insurance policy, you must prepare the information requested by our company in full. The information required for workplace insurance must be completed and delivered in full. Some of them are;

  • The value of glass,

  • Commodity value,

  • Risk value,

  • T.R identity number,

  • Machine value,

such and similar information is required.