Pet Insurance

Pet insurance is an insurance product that is insured in case of illness or loss of our pets living in our house.

What is Pet Insurance?

Pet insurance is an insurance product that assures our pets living in our house in case of sickness or missing. You can customize the policy, which offers coverage specifically for the future and health of our pets, by adding supplementary coverage. Supplementary coverages also offer great advantages.

What is the Pet Insurance Coverage?

Pet insurance coverages that can assure our pets are categorized as Emergency health expenses, third party liability and missing pet report. Hospital expenses that will occur in cases such as falls, emergency treatment costs, fractures and cracking after the risks that our pets may experience are included within the scope of health expenses.
In case of missing, the report and reward given can be included within the scope of the policy. In the event that our pets harm other animals or people when they are aggressive, the treatment costs are covered in accordance with the insurance policy.

How to Get Pet Insurance?

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