Personal Accident Insurance

Personal accident insurance is a type of insurance that provides coverage against risks and negativities that may occur in many accident situations.

What is Personal Accident Insurance?

Personal Accident insurance is a type of insurance that provides coverage against risks and adverse conditions that may occur in many accidents. Personal accident insurance provides assurance in cases such as temporary disability, hospital expenses or revenue loss. As for the product scope, option scale is quite wide from which you can include in the policy as well as the hard collaterals. The insurance scope protects the insured against partial and permanent disabilities that occur after accidents that may happen against the will of the person.

What is the Personal Accident Insurance Coverage?

The coverage of the insurance is prepared in accordance with the policy limit or according to the general conditions of the insurance product content. Personal accident insurance provides an assurance against the risks that may occur as a result of any unexpected accident. General conditions;

  • Coverage for death as a result of an accident,

  • Daily hospital treatments,

  • The costs of the treatments required as a result of an accident,

  • Coverage for full and partial disability as a result of an accident.

The insurance provides assurance for the abovementioned situations.

Is Personal Accident Insurance Mandatory?

Personal accident insurance is not a mandatory insurance product. However, an individual accident insurance policy provides coverage against the risks that may arise for each individual who will travel within the scope of travel tours. Pursuant to the decisions taken by the Insurance Association of Turkey, it is mandatory for travel companies under these conditions.

How to Get Personal Accident Insurance?

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