Machinery Breakdown Insurance

What is Machinery Insurance?

It is an engineering insurance product that covers the damages occured in the machines against many risks including deformations, neglect, clogging, sudden cooling and heating, as a result of unexpected and sudden deterioration or casting, assembly, mold, material and worker defects occured during the operation of the machines in the operating records and whose trial period has been completed, or in cases such as renewal, cleaning, maintenance.

What are the Advantages of Machine Breakdown Insurance?

There are many advantages provided by machine breakdown insurance. Profit losses arising in the event of an incident within the scope of the coverage are also included in the policy. It is ensured that profit losses are prevented in the time leading up to the reopening of the facility. The ddvantages of machine breakdown insurance are as follows;

  • Operation accidents,

  • Damages caused by defects in materials and workmanship,

  • Negligence and defect of employees,

  • Crushes and tears that will occur due to low pressure,

  • Damages caused by sudden heat increases,

  • Damages caused by electrical faults.

All kinds of situations that are not specified in the policy are within the scope of coverage.

What is the Machine Breakdown Insurance Coverage?

The machine breakdown insurance you will receive thanks to Duzenli Sigorta will insure you in many cases such as the breakdown of the machines you use in your business. The coverage provided by machine breakdown insurance is as follows;

  • Lubrication Defects,

  • Mold and Workmanship Defects,

  • Electrical Damage,

  • Occlusion,

  • Operation accidents,

  • Ingress of Foreign Substances,

  • Water Deficiency in Steam Boilers,

  • Water Hammering,

  • Sudden Heating and Cooling,

  • Crushes and Tears that will Occur Due to Low Pressure,

  • Storm,

  • Hurricane,

  • Negligence, Defect or Sabotage of Employees.

How to Get Machine Breakdown Insurance?

You can get your machine breakdown insurance offer in a short time by visiting our machine breakdown insurance offer page within the scope of Duzenli Sigorta. Get the most suitable machine breakdown insurance offer for you by filling out your required information.