What is Home Insurance?

Housing insurance is a type of insurance that can secure all kinds of problems that may occur at home with affordable payments.

What is Home Insurance?

Home insurance is a type of insurance that can be assured by affordable prices for any problems that may occur at home. In case of possible risk, there is no need to pay a high amount for damage to the residences.

What is the Home Insurance Coverage?

Home insurance provides coverage for all types of risk related to the home. The hard collateral offered to you under the insurance is fire coverage. The fire coverage is automatically added to each policy. The person who will take out the insurance can include earthquake, flood, landslide, internal water, vehicle collision, theft, debris removal costs, fuel leakage, building fixed installation, electrical damages in the home insurance policy, among the supplementary coverages.

Situations That Fall Outside the Scope of Home Insurance?

There are situations that are not covered by the policy in the general terms of home insurance. Damages caused by military action, damage caused by an explosion, damage caused by a person intentionally to belongings and home, damage caused by a short circuit of electronic goods are excluded from the scope of coverage.

How to Get Home Insurance?

You can get your home insurance offer in a short time by visiting our home insurance offer page within the scope of Duzenli Sigorta. Get the most suitable home insurance offer for you by filling out your required information.