Freight Insurance

Shipping insurance is an insurance product made for the protection of goods against all risks that may occur in air, land, sea and rail transport.

What is Freight Insurance?

Freight insurance is an insurance product made in order to protect goods against all risks that may occur in air, land, sea and rail transportation. It provides compensation for material damages in case the goods are damaged as a result of accidents occured during transportation while they are being loaded or unloaded to the transport unit or in case of damage to the goods. However, the loss of belongings is of great importance at this point.

What Does Goods Freight Insurance Cover?

Providing coverage under the policy against risks that may occur when traveling from one point to another, Goods freight insurance can be used for the seller, buyer or anyone who has a relationship with the transported cargo. Under the goods freight insurance policy, you can insure expenses such as insurance fees, projected profits and freight, as well as the cost of freight to the person who has the insurance.

What are the Freight Insurance Policies?

  • Domestic carrier financial liability insurance,

  • International carrier's liability insurance (CMR),

  • Marina management financial liability insurance,

  • Shipyard management financial liability insurance,

  • Port operator liability insurance.

How to Get Freight Insurance?

You can get your freight insurance offer in a short time by visiting our freight insurance offer page within the scope of Duzenli Sigorta. Get the most suitable freight insurance offer for you by filling out your required information.