Construction All Risk Insurance

What is Construction All Risk Insurance?

Construction all risk insurance covers all kinds of unexpected and sudden damages to the preparation materials, relevant construction equipment or work machines in the construction site for the works that have developed up to that point and the works to be carried out in the next stages during the realization of a construction project.

Construction All Risk Insurance Coverage

The construction all risk insurance policy provides assurance from the very first moment to the delivery of every project such as tunnels, dams and bridges from the construction of a single floor to the most comprehensive.

  • Fire,

  • Thunderbolt,

  • Explosion,

  • Flood,

  • Earthquake,

  • Landslides, land subsidence,

  • Vehicle collision,

  • Plane parts falling off,

  • Theft.

It includes many similar unexpected and sudden events.

How to Get Construction All Risk Insurance?

You can get your construction all risk insurance offer in a short time by visiting our construction all risk insurance offer page within the scope of Duzenli Sigorta. Get the most suitable construction all risk insurance offer for you by filling out your required information.