Complementary Health Insurance

Complementary health insurance ensures that the insured persons affiliated to the Social Security Institution receive analysis, treatment and examination at contracted private hospitals without paying extra.

What is Complementary Health Insurance?

The healthcare provided by SSI may not be able to cover the cost of every private hospital. Having a complementary health insurance prevents you from paying big amount of fees to take advantage of a qualified SSI contracted private hospital in more serious health situations. In short, complementary health insurance is a policy that complements the price covered by the SSI in both outpatient and inpatient services. In this way, you can prepare yourself and your loved ones for a safer future and find solutions to possible health problems.

What Does Complementary Health Insurance Cover?

Another issue that is very important for people who decide to have complementary health insurance is the policy coverage. Insurance policy coverage determines the situations in which you can get services in hospitals. In addition to the hard collaterals that insurance companies offer to the policy, there are other supplementary coverage groups that you can choose for the health insurance policy.

How to Get Complementary Health Insurance?

You don't have to waste a long time to make use of the many advantages provided by the complementary health insurance! All of your hospital expenses are covered by the complementary health insurance that you will get from Duzenli Sigorta.