Physician Professional Liability Insurance

Physician professional liability insurance, included in the mandatory liability insurance for medical malpractice, is a type of insurance for physicians who are specialists working as self-employed or in public, medical institutions and healthcare organizations.

Is Physician Professional Liability Insurance Mandatory?

Physicians working in private healthcare, public institutions and organizations are required to get professional liability insurance in order to cover interest, litigation expenses and expenditures along with compensation claims for damages caused due to professional activity within a 2-year period.

What are the Physician Professional Liability Insurance Coverages?

The maximum amount of coverage for each event in mandatory liability insurance is TL 400.000. In any case, the amount of compensation payable under the policy does not exceed TL 1.800.000. The general conditions of physician professional liability insurance are also as follows:

  • Damages that occur during the activity despite the policy for which accident or fault limits are determined,

  • Compensation claimed for the liability as a result of the accident,

  • Liability for personnel employed at the workplace can be added to the Policy as a coverage.

How to Get Physician Professional Liability Insurance?

You can get your physician professional liability insurance offer in a short time by visiting our physician professional liability insurance offer page within the scope of Duzenli Sigorta. Get the most suitable physician professional liability insurance offer for you by filling out your required information.