A Call to Insurance Companies For an Insured Vehicle Damaged in the Earthquake

 A Call to Insurance Companies For an Insured Vehicle Damaged in the Earthquake

Aydın Erkoç, President of the Federation of Motor Vehicle Dealers (MASFED), called on insurance companies to urgently pay the cost of insured vehicles damaged or insured in the Kahramanmaraş and Hatay earthquakes.

According to the statement made by the Federation of Motor Vehicle Dealers (MASFED), Aydın Erkoç said that citizens who survived the earthquake sold their intact or damaged vehicles out of surplus needs.

Erkoç pointed out that a large part of the vehicles in the provinces affected by the earthquake have motor vehicle damage insurance and said, "Insurers should act quickly to cover these damages of citizens affected by the earthquake. For vehicles that have become completely unusable, they either need to buy a new vehicle. or the press pays the price of the lost vehicle,"he said.


The relevant legislation was also mentioned in the statement.

According to this, compulsory traffic insurance does not cover the damage caused to vehicles during earthquakes.

In the case of insurance, the situation changes depending on the content of the policy. If earthquake damages are covered, collateral is mandatory. If the vehicle is partially damaged, the repair costs are paid, and if the vehicle is damaged, the current price is paid after deducting legal expenses. If the owner dies, his heirs are paid. After the inheritance certificate is completed, you can apply to the insurance company for compensation.

"3.3 million land vehicles in 11 provinces"

As of January 2023, the total number of motor vehicles in the 11 provinces affected by the earthquake was determined as 3 million 298 thousand 433. 1 Million 546 thousand 280 of this is a car. Among them, there are 717 thousand 465 motorcycles, 503 thousand 113 pickup trucks, 311 thousand 61 tractors, 11 Dec 237 trucks, 71 thousand 382 minibuses, 22 thousand 588 buses and 9 thousand 307 special purpose vehicles.

The provinces with the highest number of vehicles were Adana with 750 thousand 1 and Gaziantep with 601 million 997, while Hatay, one of the provinces most affected by the earthquake, was with 557 thousand 2. The province was followed by Şanlıurfa with 273 thousand 435 vehicles. There are 272,000 341 motor vehicles in Kahramanmaraş. It is not known how many of these vehicles were damaged or damaged in the earthquake.