• Which Coverages Should Be Included in the Collision Insurance?

    The hard collaterals that are offered in accordance with the policy limit are the mandatory coverages. These are;

    ●    Crashing the vehicle or crashing into the vehicle,

    ●    Results of a partial fire,

    ●    Theft or attempt of theft,

    They are among the hard collaterals. It is fully up to you to add optional additional coverages to the policy that are not included in these coverages.

  • In what cases does the collision insurance come into play?
    • In case of collision of the vehicle with motor or non-motor vehicles used on highways,
    • If a fixed or moving object hits the vehicle while in motion, without the will of the insured or the user of the vehicle, or if the vehicle hits such an object, overturns, falls, rolls;
    • Actions taken by third parties in bad faith
    • Vehicle fire,
    • Damages incurred in the event of theft or attempt of theft of the vehicle or vehicle parts are covered by collision insurance. Supplementary coverage may also be added to the coverage of the collision insurance.

  • What is TCIP?

    TCIP is the abbreviated version of the Turkish Catastrophe Insurance Pool; and mandatory earthquake insurance is taken out with TCIP assurance.

  • I sold my vehicle, can I transfer my Traffic Insurance policy to a new buyer?

    When the vehicle is sold, the traffic policy does not pass to the new buyer. The vehicle owner cancels his/her current policy and receives a refund of the premium for the remaining days. The new buyer issues a new policy on his/her behalf according to the date of registration of the vehicle.

  • Are there any conditions or limitations for taking out a traffic policy for a vehicle with foreign license plate?

    If the vehicle has a foreign license plate, the passport number of the insured person is sufficient. If the person is a foreigner but the vehicle has a Turkish license plate, the tax number is mandatory.

  • How is the Claim Payment of Home Insurance Made?

    After you have made a notification of claim, the process begins for appointing an expert, reviewing documents and paying the damage compensation. The insurance company must determine the damage and the amount of compensation and inform the insured no later than 15 days, following the notification of claim and the delivery of the documents by the insured.

  • What is the coverage of Mandatory Traffic Insurance?

    The Mandatory Traffic Insurance covers the;

    • Material Losses,
    • Health Expenses,
    • Permanent Disability and Destitute of Support (death). 

  • Is Earthquake Insurance Mandatory?

    In order to minimize possible losses as a result of natural disasters that may occur during and after an earthquake, it is mandatory for all homeowners to have it.

  • What happens if the insured person changes in the collision insurance?

    If the insurer changes, the new right holder can also terminate the contract within eight days from the date of finding out the existence of insurance.

    The premium for the period up to the date of termination is calculated on the basis of the day, and the excess is refunded.

  • How is Mandatory Earthquake Insurance Different from Home Insurance?

    The main difference between TCIP and Home insurance is that TCIP is mandatory. TCIP covers the damages as a result of an earthquake and natural disasters after it, while the coverage of the home insurance has a wider range.

  • Is my collision insurance policy valid abroad?

    The insurance policy shall be valid abroad if it is purchased as abroad coverage.

  • What should be done at the time of damage?
    • It is required to notify the insurer within 5 days from the moment of damage. 
    • It is required to take the necessary rescue and protection measures. 
    • At the request of the insurer, it is required to share all information and documents related to the cause of the incident and damage that will be useful for the exercise of the right of recourse with the insurer without delay. 
    • It is required to provide the insurer with a written notification indicating the estimated amount of damage within the appropriate period of time.