Travel Health Insurance for Erasmus Students


The first thing to know about Erasmus travel health insurance is that it is very important for students.

Erasmus travel health insurance is compulsory for students who will go abroad with the Erasmus program. This insurance product is one of the types of overseas travel health insurance and must be made for training purposes.

It is necessary to take precautions against health problems that students who will go abroad for educational purposes may encounter. It is quite possible to be sick or face other risks due to climatic conditions.

What are Erasmus Travel Health Insurance Guarantees?

Insurance coverages allow the student to take precautions against problems and health risks that may arise abroad. Guarantees are basically divided into two.

The upper limit is divided into two guarantees as 30.000 Euro and 50.000 Euro, the person chooses from these guarantees. These two guarantees are not the price of the travel health insurance policy, they are the upper limit amount that the companies undertake to pay to the person.

The guarantees provided under the insurance;

●       Medical treatments,

●       Funeral transfer procedures of the insured person,

●       Return costs in case the insured is an invalid patient,

●       Return costs in case of death of family members,

●       Accompanying expenses and travel expenses of the companion, if necessary, as a result of being an invalid patient,

are within the scope of the policy. The guarantees you will add will give you an advantage during the training and you will feel secured.

What Does Erasmus Travel Health Insurance Not Cover?

Situations that are not covered by the insurance; the non-contractual behaviors of the policy holder are health problems caused by diseases hidden during the contract process.

Erasmus travel health insurance guarantees are not fulfilled in case of exceptional situations.

●       Deliberate fraudulent acts,

●       All kinds of pecuniary and non-pecuniary damages outside the scope of the policy,

●       Unlabelled and unpackaged products,

●       Diseases revealed before going abroad,

●       Artificial organs such as prosthesis, orthosis, contact lenses,

●       Vaccines for protection,

●       Chronic diseases,

●       Sexually transmitted diseases,

●       Rescue works for students trapped in mountains, seas and deserted places,

●       Organ and blood transfusion costs,

These guarantees are not covered by the policy and remain outside the scope of insurance.

How to Get Erasmus Travel Health Insurance?

Erasmus travel insurance is taken out by fulfilling different procedures depending on the country of destination.

The complexity of the procedures and the availability of different alternatives about the price issue reveal the request for consultancy services.

Consultancy service on insurance coverage and price can be obtained and travel health insurance policy can be purchased for erasmus experience under high conditions.

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