Things to Know About Personal Accident Insurance


What is Personal Accident Insurance?

Sometimes life doesn't work out the way we want it to. Positive- negative events consisting of the tempo of the day affect our lives.

In unexpected accidents that occur suddenly, there is personal accident insurance that covers you. Personal accident insurance is the type of insurance that aims to cover your family financially in the event of any injury or death.

In fact, in general terms, the insured person is insured during the period he/she is insured in case of accident, disability, death. In addition to providing coverage for hospital expenses and temporary disability, there are also additional coverage options.

Importance of Having Personal Accident Insurance

Accidents happen! Let's examine the importance of personal accident insurance in disabilities, accidents and diseases that occur in our daily lives as it will not be obvious what will happen every moment.

It covers the treatment costs that may occur as a result of accident.

It offers insurance against diseases of minors.

In case of accidents, there are funeral services, land or air ambulance and accompanying services.

As is known, personal accident insurance is an optional type of insurance. Sudden and unexpected accidents can hurt us or our family.

Taking precautions in advance secures us and our family financially.

What are the Guarantees of Personal Accident Insurance?

In case of possible accidents, treatment costs are covered by personal accident insurance.

●      Examinationcosts

●      Hospitalization costs

●      Funeral registry procedures

●      Coverage for permanent disability

in such cases, personal accident insurance provides financial support.

What Does Personal Accident Insurance Not Cover?

●      Accidents in competitions such as sports,

●      Activities in snow; accidents caused by sports such as ice skating are not covered.

●      Injuries in wildlife hunting are also excluded from coverage.

●      Injuries caused by natural disasters such as volcanic eruptions, earthquakes and floods do not include personal accident insurance.

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