Recommendations for Those Who Will Spend Covid-19 at Home


The number of patients who have experienced Covid-19 at home under the supervision of a doctor is quite high as well as the patients treated in health institutions... What families and people who had the pandemic at home should pay attention to has also become an issue of curiosity.

It is very important to stay in quarantine at home until you are healthy after getting the infection. At the same time, it is necessary to stay isolated in order to prevent the transmission of the disease to family members in the house. The importance of the issues that need to be considered while having the disease at home is also increasing.

What Should Be Considered When Spending Covid-19 at Home?

Many people who have tested positive are able to relieve the symptoms of the virus in a mild way. Treatment of patients with mild illness continues at home and can recover in a short time.

The treatment process progresses by applying medication upon fluid intake, rest and doctor's recommendation. There are measures that people should take individually during the home treatment process. The points to be considered by those who will spend Covid-19at home are as follows.

Try to Keep Your Hands Clean and Avoid Touching Your Face.

Diagnosed people should pay attention to their personal hygiene first. It is especially important to keep hands clean and not to touch the face with dirty hands. However, it is recommended to wash hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds after close contact between other family members in the house and the sick person.

Continue to Wear Masks.

When the sick person has to stay in the same room with family members, they must continue to wear a mask. Other people in the room should also wear a mask. In this way, the spread of the virus can be prevented. As far as possible, a distance of 2 meters should be maintained with the sick person and care should be taken not to touch the mask. Used masks should not be reused.

No Visitors to Your Home.

The person who is sick should not visit others or accept visitors until he/she is healed and the symptoms of the virus disappear and the test result is negative. In this disease, which has an extremely high risk and rate of transmission, protecting public health is one of the important rules to be considered in this fight.

Eat Healthy.

In this process, health and balanced nutrition is one of the points to be considered. During the treatment process, the sense of smell and taste is lost, resulting in inability to enjoy without eating and loss of appetite. A balanced diet is essential to recover and strengthen the immune system.

Never go out until completely healed.

You should not go outside the hospital until you have completely recovered and the test results are negative. Social isolation should continue until the symptoms are completely absent. 

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