Reasons for Traffic Insurance on Time


What Happens If Traffic Insurance Is Not Taken On Time?

Traffic Insurance is mandatory for all motor vehicles that will involve into the traffic. Therefore, it should definitely be done, it should be renewed regularly every year and its duration should be considered.

Many traffic insurance holders postpone policy renewals. When it is noticed that the vehicle is not insured, different penalties are applied to its owners.

In this article we have prepared, we tried to talk about the problems and necessary steps in the failure to make traffic insurance on time.

What If I Don't Get Traffic Insurance On Time?

Traffic insurance is an insurance product that must be taken out by vehicles and needs to be renewed. For this reason, the duration of the policy should be monitored regularly.

The duration of the policy, which is compulsory for all motor vehicles in traffic, is not followed and if it expires, serious penalties are applied to the vehicle owners.

In general, policy renewal dates are not taken into consideration and the insurer does not pay much attention to this and postpones it. However, when vehicles that do not have traffic insurance are caught turning in traffic, when it turns out that there is no traffic insurance, they are financially damaged or banned from traffic.

What Happens If Mandatory Traffic Insurance Is Not Taken Out?

It is an insurance product that is obligated to be made in accordance with the laws and should be penalized as long as it is not done.

After the accident, it can reduce its burden by providing financial support to the vehicle owner by securing the material damages that will occur on the other party and the parties that have been damaged thanks to the policy.

It also needs to be renewed regularly every year after having it done.

Penalties to be applied to the vehicle owner if not done are;

●      Fines,

●      Vehicle impounding,

●      Being banned from traffic

 Penalties can be imposed separately or all of them can be applied.

What is the Delay Penalty of Traffic Insurance?

Compulsory Traffic Insurance must be regularly monitored and renewed every year. If it is not renewed, penal procedures are applied. Insurance holders with delay penalties cannot benefit from many advantages such as no claim bonus under the policy.

The penalty for delay is not just a fine. If the owner of the vehicle is caught by the traffic police as a result of possible police stop, he is banned from the traffic.

After the owner pays the necessary penalty and restarts his policy, he can take back his vehicle.

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