Measures to be Taken by Workplaces During the Coronavirus Outbreak


The Coronavirus outbreak is one of the important issues that has been on the agenda for months and has taken its place in our lives. In the process of gradually returning to normal life, returns to working areas also started. What kind of measures can be taken against the epidemic in the workplaces?

We spend more time in the office than at home. In order to prevent the spread of the virus, measures should also be taken in the workplaces. The measures to be taken help to reduce the risk for employees and employers.

What are the Measures Employers Should Take in the Coronavirus Outbreak?

Many things have changed in our lives with the epidemic. In this process, there are measures to be taken in the workplaces. If these measures are taken, the infectious effects of the epidemic can be prevented and the spread rate can be slowed down.

It is mandatory for employers to communicate and workforce to be taken in terms of safety and health measures and to be prepared for emergencies.

●      Employees should be provided with detailed information about coronavirus and brochures should be distributed.

●      Frequent and common areas should be cleaned regularly within the hygiene rules of areas such as toilets, dining halls and canteens.

●      Objects such as tables, keyboards or door handles frequently used by employees should be disinfected regularly.

●      Meetings should be postponed or limited to a small number of people, unless strictly necessary.

●      Shuttle service can be provided for employees, thus preventing the risk of epidemics in public transportation.

●      If employees have complaints such as flu, cold or fever, they should be ensured to stay at home and remote work should be carried out.

What are the responsibilities of employers during the epidemic period?

Employers are required to comply with the general principles within the scope of the Occupational Health and Safety Regulation. Among the measures taken within the scope of the Coronavirus outbreak, there are responsibilities that employers should take.

●      The employer should create the opportunity to work remotely for the employees. A significant number of support can be given to the fight against the spread of the epidemic through the practice of working from home.

●      Paid leave or annual leave options should be offered according to the demands of the employees.

●      Regular communication with employees has to be maintained. People who do not communicate with their employees are perceived as indifferent to the epidemic in the eyes of employees.

●      It should follow the agenda and be prepared for situations that may occur.

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