Information about Housing Insurance


What is Housing Insurance?

Buying a house is of course a dream of all of us, but after realizing our dreams, securing our house should also be a dream of all of us, and taking the necessary precautions in advance is always the right decision.

Our home and valuables are covered by housing insurance. At the same time, people who take out housing insurance are secured against many adverse events such as fire and theft.

Let's take a look at what these are.

What are Housing Insurance Guarantees?

Policies differ according to insurance companies. Housing insurance coverages are divided into two and grouped as main coverages and additional coverages.

In general, goods and fire insurance is one of the most important.

We can also benefit from housing insurance in cases such as earthquakes, terrorist incidents, floods. It is also covered as a result of damage to our goods in natural disasters. Optional, but additional services can also be added to the policy. All kinds of services we add are used seamlessly.

Housing insurance, which is generally compared to DASK, does not have any obligation. However, when we are insured, we have a guardian who secures our home and valuable belongings.

What is the Goods Coverage in Housing Insurance?

When dealing with difficulties in life, the most peaceful place we feel is our home and the most relaxed place we feel is our home, no matter what we experience.

During this pandemic period, we started to spend even more time at home.

There is a housing insurance goods coverage that will provide the financial coverage of our houses and belongings.

Balcony, glass, door are also included in the goods coverage. If we say it on demand, electronic items are also secured.

It is included in the coverage in cases where we cannot control such as theft, fire, lightning, flood, hail in case of any negative event at home.

In general, it covers most of the material losses within the scope of insurance.

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