How to Disinfect In-Vehicle During the Coronavirus Period?


The coronavirus has affected hundreds of countries and millions of people during the pandemic. Although the Covid-19 virus has started to return to normal life, it continues to spread.


In this difficult period, we need to pay attention to cleanliness and take necessary measures to protect ourselves and our environment. Apart from personal and home cleaning, car cleaning is also important, and one of the other things people are wondering about is in-vehicle cleaning.


In the opinion of the experts, they stated that the virus lived on the surfaces for about 72 hours. Routes of virus protection and disinfection have gained more importance for vehicles used every day.


In this content we have prepared, you can find ways to protect our vehicles from coronavirus and make them safe.


How to Disinfect Vehicles for Anti-Virus Protection

Hygiene measures, which should be taken into consideration in daily life, have become more involved in our lives with the epidemic. While ventilating closed areas frequently, washing hands regularly, and complying with hygiene rules in public transportation were the measures that should be taken for our health, things that we paid more attention to happened.


How should we clean our vehicles in this period?


During the epidemic period, points that ensure attention in vehicle cleaning and protection from the virus;

●    The roof, seats and floor of the vehicle should be cleaned frequently with a vacuum cleaner.

●    Frequently used areas such as vehicle keys, steering wheel, window air conditioners, selector lever and door handles should be cleaned with disinfectant containing at least 70% alcohol.

●    Vehicles should have wipes, disinfectants, masks or air cleaners.

●    Garbage should not be kept in the vehicle and should be disposed of.

●    Internal and external washing should be done regularly and the vehicle should be kept clean.

●    -

●    The trunk should be wiped with a damp cloth with detergent.


We can list like these.

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